The company

The Mambriani Daniele company was born in 1980 as a company specialised in electromechanical constructions and maintenances.

The steady researches of improvements, innovative solutions and advanced technologies have permitted a greater development and specialization of the company.

Nowadays, we have the capacity to offer a range of solutions able to satisfy every needs and requests of the customers, using the most performing and innovative techniques.

The dynamic structure of the company permits to realize highly-performant industrial plants and lines at very competitive price.

We are specialized in the construction of lines and machines for metal sheet working : levelling and cross-cutting lines, longitudinal cut, scotch brite and a series of special machines such as: polishers, drillings, manipulators and plasma-cutting machines.

Our production is characterized by high flexibility which gives us the possibility to create “ad hoc” lines and plants, according to the specific requirements of each customer.